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Emile Connaughton - Associate Coach

Emile "CHEST" Connaughton

Associate Coach

EmileChest Connaughton

When you discover what you love to do, you can thrive in any environment that drives that passion.

I have always known I wanted to work with people in an engaging social environment. It allows me to share knowledge and experience in an atmosphere that constantly challenges my learning.

Sports never really took off for me as a youth; however, throughout high school, theatre and other social outlets provided me with a venue to play. It wasn’t until my early twenties when I developed a passion for movement.

In 2007, I fell three stories off a ladder on a worksite during my stint as a commercial painter. I crushed my L1 vertebrae, nearly resulting in a fate much worse. (It’s not everyday you break your back and walk out of the hospital the same day).

The following six months were a slow and unknowing experience; I moved like a sloth in a body brace. This laid the foundation of my passion for rebuilding.

I bartended in the heart of downtown Vancouver while training and educating myself in the world of strength and conditioning. In 2011, I found MadLab. I was able to focus my passion in an environment that nurtured my development; I could actually make a living doing what I love. I’m surrounded by professionals who I can call friends/family; they challenge me everyday.

Over the years, I’ve gathered a knack for mobility and a respectful lust for the challenge of gymnastics strength training. The tools I have acquired and honed have shown me how to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and training; from here, I believe we can build upon every aspect of our bodies to move and feel better. This concept truly touches home for me and has allowed me to become stronger and more mobile than I have ever been; I love guiding my clients to that, as well.

I spend my spare time attending seminars around the globe, regularly nerd out on connective tissue whilst enjoying local craft beers, and holding people to the highest standard of movement in the animal kingdom. Living a better life starts with living what you do.

Life is movement. Move better. Do it.


Chest’s Credentials

Movement and Mobility Trainer - Dr. Kelly Starrett
Mobility Specialist Functional Range Conditioning - FRCms - Dr. Andreo Spina
Gymnastics Bodies Athlete - GBL1 - Christopher Sommer US Gymmnastics Team Coach
CrossFit Level 1