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Longevity and Vitality

Longevity. Life’s a Journey and so should your experience here at Madlab.

I have two of my first clients from nearly 12 years ago coming back to Madlab next month to continue their journey.

Instead of thinking longevity as your ‘typical length of life' I want to coin a word that means optimizing your physical health and giving you vitality, which is the state of being strong and active; energy. 

Where is your overall fitness, health and well being? Where would you say your quality of life is?

Of course, investing in your health is one of the guaranteed investments in your life. We pretty well understand that a little time, effort and mental toughness will do some wonders with exercise and good movement.

Every introduction I do at Madlab starts with a phone call, further texting, where start discussing where your at, particularly your current physical fitness, sporting background, past injuries and your goals going forward. 

Let’s get this awareness of optimizing & balancing our future & potential health, wellbeing, quality of life and fitness. The past is the past. More and more often we’re dealing with a wide spread community with serious health issues, not only injuries and current limitations in movement.

Then new members and old are off to the path of enlightment, body awareness, community engagement and so forth as we begin to move correctly and train better.

I love the person that comes in and explains 21 injuries, a few surgeries and thinks this or that of CrossFit, has hesitations and then finds Madlabs approach has evolved and is quite different from their initial expectations.

Everyone is entitled to move and learn and lift.

I know…

  • Long term health and wellness
  • a fitness level that allows me to stay very active into my later years with little or no pain, inflammation, and creaky joints. I think of my grandfather making all those loud noises when he got up off the couch or any chair, and I want to avoid that as long as I can.
  • Striving to always look and feel better has such a positive affect on my self confidence and happiness.


Inside our MADLab doors we’ve grown over the past 12 years from developing & doing CrossFit to a school of fitness and now more and more to a performance center for conquering better movement (we need mobility and physical freedom to get there), increasing our ability to perform many more physical tasks with a larger and more efficient engine within our frame and body.

We’ll move forward from goal to goal year after year.

We see that we need to always improve.

Results can be easily seen

We’re going to avoid the old age home

Definitely relieve some stress.

It gets us into new adventures and sports

Allows us to avoid injury

Avoid decrepitude, your cognitive abilities are stimulated, there’s always something new to master and new skills and drills to work on.

We strive to be in that all around high percentile spot for our age

We want to take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator

We want to play at a higher level. Hitting Madlab makes you better at a lot of the things you weren’t good at before.

We want to do something to keep us motivated. Coaching is key, The variety of movements is key, varying intensity relative to each individual is key, community is key, diet/sleep/recovery is key

We want to have Vitality and avoiding any decline in our health. Yes, evidence-based studies indicate that longevity is based on two major factors, genetics and lifestyle choices. You can’t really control your genetics.