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Project Cardia is a 6-week program designed to condition your heart for better health and performance.

Our program will take your sputtering, coal-burning furnace, and turn into to a humming nuclear reactor.

Imagine… going from a blood pumping capacity of 16L per minute (typical for an untrained heart) to being able to shuttle 35L of blood per minute (an elite cardio-vascularly trained heart)!

Your time in the mountains, on the field, or the gym will be sooo much easier with a bigger-badder-meaner Left Ventricle.

Simply put – a better heart means better performance (even if your sport, activity or event is anaerobic in nature).

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What does high-intensity Cardio Vascular intervals, do for body composition?

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  • In the right environment, it can promote hypertrophy (muscle growth).
  • In the right environment, it can promote fat loss.
  • Which means you can level-up to jungle cat status.


The details:

Project Cardia is a 6-week program, designed to condition your heart for better health and performance.
Our programming follows thoroughly researched protocols (employed by elite rowers, premier league soccer clubs, and MMA fighters), all proven to produce a powerful Cardio Vascular system.

We’ll be rowing and sprinting at high to very high intensities three days a week.

This will be committing.

This will be hard work.

If you have the fortitude:

Project Cardia will begin on May 16th and runs for six weeks.

There are three start times to fit your schedule:

Flight A  Monday’s @ 6a, Wednesday’s @ 6a, and Saturday’s @ 830a

  • a minimum of 5 athletes are required move forward with this option.

Flight B Monday’s @ 8a, Wednesday’s @ 8a, and Friday’s @ 8a

  • a minimum of 5 athletes are required to move forward with this option.

Flight C Monday’s @ 1p, Wednesday’s @ 1p, and Friday’s @ 1p

  • a minimum of 5 athletes are required to move forward with this option.

Each session will be approx. 75min long.


$475 paid before May 6th
$495 paid after May 6th

This program is not restricted to Madlab athletes, so if you have any friends who want to
upgrade their power plant from a sputtering coal burning stove into a humming nuclear reactor; please forward this info along.

To secure your spot contact Andy with your preferred start time at:
*My expectation is for the athlete to attend at least two sessions a week, to fully benefit from this program. I can provide the remaining training session as homework to finish when convenient.  This program, as written, will be approx 2/3 rowing and 1/3 running, but most of the workouts can be adapted (with a little tweaking) to either run, row, or bike.